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Microphlebectomy, which requires no stitches and leaves no scars, is an outpatient procedure performed at the Baptist-Physicians' Surgery Center (BPSC). During this procedure, large branch varicose veins are removed through pinhole incisions with specially designed hooks. General anesthesia is used for the operation. Immediately after the procedure, the leg is wrapped in an Ace Bandage and the patient is able to go home (the patient may not drive the day of the procedure). The next day, the Ace Bandage is removed in the office. Prescription compression stockings should be worn for the next two weeks. The patient returns to the office for a final post-operative follow-up evaluation one month after surgery.

A vein is removed through a pinhole incision

The leg is wrapped with an Ace Bandage after the procedure. The bandage is removed in the Vein Central office the next day.

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